B50 Vitamins

With thoughts of summer now well in the distance and the reality of another school semester hits, one feeling escalates quite quickly… stress.  As looming assignments, and their due dates, are tacked onto what often already feels like a chaotic life, I am left wondering how I am going to survive.  I even found myself in the vitamin aisle today looking at purchasing StressEase multi-vitamins (like that will work).

This is not to say that I do not enjoy the learning environment.  I really do.  I love knowing that pushing my mind to new levels of understanding is creating new neuro-pathways that are literally ‘making me smarter’.  That part I like.   What I don’t like is the constant feeling that there is something I should be doing.  When I am drinking my morning coffee and watching sports highlights, I should be reading from my text.  When I am playing mini-golf with friends I should be at the library doing research.  You get the picture.

I have been a student for six years now and have learned a couple of tricks along the way. Some of these may seem cliché, but they are handy reminders:

1.  Be Organized.  This is something have always struggled with, but luckily I married a gal who was an amazing student and is a super organized person.  So my advice?  Get married.  If that’s not an option, or something you’re not into, I would say go down to the Student Union and pick up one of those day planners.  You could also set up something on Google Calender.  Both are free, easy to use, and will keep you on task throughout the semester.

2. Take time for yourself.  It’s good to take breaks from school.  Watch some T.V, hang out with friends, or play some video games.  I personally have to schedule in break time for myself, which happens to be Friday afternoons. No work or school. I look forward to this time more than almost anything in my week.

3. Go for a walk.  Walking is one of my favourite activities.  I recommend walking without the aid of your Ipod.  This allows your mind the chance to be quiet and process all the other activities of your life.

These three little tricks have helped me get through semesters before, and I know they will help me continue on.  What tricks have you learned that get you through stressful times?

All the best 😀



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