Being Blue in a Sea of Green

Growing up in Winnipeg, I have fond memories of attending Bomber games with my grandpa, dad, and brothers (and I guess with mom/grandma if they were to join).  I have always been a Bomber fan and always will be.  This has been a place of contention in my life from a number of different areas as a result of my moving to Saskatchewan to marry a prairie girl and living, working, and going to school in Regina.

Typically, small talk consists of shooting off about the weather, talking about pets, or other non-threatening, light hearted topics.  I like this type  of small talk.  In Saskatchewan, however, I have learned that small talk also includes the Riders.  This does not bode well for me.

Harassment typically follows once the person I am speaking with finds out I’m originally from Winnipeg.

Now, I know this is all in fun (or at least that’s what I tell myself), but when a person who I have literally known for 5 minutes begins to bash the Bombers and my hometown it hurts a little.  Not a lot… just a little. My secret hope is that Saskatoon will get a CFL team so that Saskatoon and Regina can hate on each other and leave Winnipeg out of it.

Megan, my wife, and I we’re relatively newly dating when the Bombers and the Riders went to the Grey Cup in 2007.  This led to an ultimatum whereby if the Bombers won, Megan would leave me.  Football certainly is something else here.

Being a Bomber fan in Regina is hard at times, but little glimpses of joy are seen when I wear a Bomber jersey to Rider Day at work and on my walk to the office, some random person yells out “Go Bombers!!”(admist a sea of furrowed brows and angry stares of others, I might add)


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