Sullivan Issac Gupta Vaughnderbragon Wachal (or Sully for short)

One of the biggest decisions I have had to make in my life is choosing to get a puppy.  I had dogs when I was growing up and knew that I always wanted one of my own.  Megan and I had been living in our house for 5 months and knew that we wanted to get a dog BEFORE taking out our old carpet and putting in hardwood. So we went one day to the Regina Humane Society to “just have a look” or to “get our feet wet.”

We came home with Sully.

How could you not take home this face? Sully quickly introduced me to the razor-sharp teeth he possessed as a puppy and we had to quickly learn how to train this dog.  We watched countless episodes of The Dog Whisperer, read countless articles and blogs about how to raise the perfect dog. After a few short months (and more walks then I can count) Sully transformed from a demonic creature with sharp teeth to a perfect companion for Megan and I.

Often, on walks, people will come up to Sully and pet him saying how cute or handsome he is.  Then, the inevitable question, what kind of dog is he.  Upon learning that Sully is a Pitbull, these same people do a double-take (or in one case a spit-take) and fear enters their eyes.  “Is he safe?” Yes. He’s safe.

Pitbulls, as a breed, often get a bad rap. In some provinces they are even banned.  This is due to poor owners and not the breed or the dogs themselves. Pitbulls are a great dogs.  In England, Pitbulls are the most common housedog (citation needed). Sully does, however, have some, what we like to call, meathead qualities. On a couple of occasions, we have seen him carry 5lbs weights out of one room into another simply to chew on them.  And he has a really big head.

Big head = Big Brain?

Getting Sully was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He keeps me active (and on my toes), he keeps our feet warm at night, and is always there if your feeling low, lonely, or stressed.  I love him.



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