Global Learning

Gnigel – he helps me at work sometimes.

This past week in my ECMP 355 class was treated to a presntation by Silvia Tolisano, an expert in the field of Global Learning.  She shared some interesting websites that facilitate global connections. My favourite of these was the Teddy Bears Around the World project which has people telling stories from the perspective of their teddy bears.  The amazing part about this is that the perspective change based on where the teddy bears are located around the world.   This led me to check if there are similar sites related to gnomes (I happen to love gnomes and have a couple in our garden/yard already).  I was able to find some interesting sites like Gnome on the Go, but nothing that really fostered any sort  of a community of gnome lovers.  Maybe this is something I should start.  Gnomes are typically stolen from gardens and eventually returned with pictures of where they have been.  It would be awesome if all of these stories could be compiled in one place.

I also am amazed at how the world has ‘shurnk’ because of technology.  When I was a kid, my dad did some long term work overseas and the only way we were able to communicate was through letters and phone calls.  I also remember sending one email the entire 10 weeks he was away. This week, with the use of Skype, I was able to have face to face conversation with my parents while they were travelling in Australlia. The relative ease that it is to communicate globally leaves little excuse for teachers not willing to connect their classroom to the global community.   The world is changing and it is time classrooms began to change as well.’

Have a great day!  D.

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