Using SMART Boards

This week we were asked to find some SMART Board resources based on a particular SK Curriculum Outcome. The outcome I have chosen is SS (shape and space) 9.3: Identify an understanding of similarity of 2D shapes.

photo by: touring_fishman

The first useful resource I found was on the SMART Exchange website (here). This would be an activity where students would use the SMART clicker to answer the questions found on the board.  It would be a good way to see students understanding of the concepts prior to beginning lessons.  I would need to modify some of the language (as it is different than what would would use/say here) and some of the questions I would get rid of completly as they do not pertain to this particular outcome.

The second resource can be found here and I think I may actually use this one at some point in my career.  It says that it is geared towards Grade 6, but with a few simple modifications I think I could make it very useful in a Grade 9 classroom. It would be awesome to be able to have SMART Notebook on my laptop, so I’m going to look around and see if that is possible.  If you know how, that would be sweet.  I want to be able to play around with these lessons and see how I can modify them and how easy/hard it would be to incorporate these into the classroom.

That’s all for today.  D.

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