Well That’s a Load Off: How I Lost 100lbs

The last three years have seen incredible change in my life.  I got married to the love of my life, I bought a house, I went back to University and I’ve lost 100lbs… well almost. I’ve actually technically lost 95lbs, but I hope by the end of this post series that I have reached my goal.  I have been thinking about writing a post on this for a number of weeks now, but I was waiting to reach that magic number of 180lbs.  I was tired of putting it off and decided to do this as a series of posts (its been quite a long journey) starting with how I gained the weight that I had and then sharing some of the strategies I have used to lose that same weight and ending with hopefully sharing that I have reached my goal weight.  I have not used any special ‘diet pills’ and have tried a number of ‘trend diets’ but have found the biggest factors in my success is not doing it alone, having the patience to do it the ‘right’ way and never giving up (I’m no stranger to failure, but have learnt that it’s not so bad). Ok here we go…

In 2007, I had just finished my second year of College (I had at one point be going to Bible College with the intention of becoming a Youth Pastor) and had already made up my mind about a number of things.  One of these was which foods I liked (sugar, fat, salt), and which I didn’t (vegetables and most condiments). I’m not sure where or when in my life I decided not to like certain foods, but was resigned to this ‘fact’ and was set in my ways. As such, when I started to purchase my own food, I chose mostly high fat, high sugar, high salt foods.  This diet helped me to quickly gain pounds. The Freshmen Fifteen quickly turned into the Sophomore Fifty and upwards. At my heaviest, I weighed 280 lbs, which for someone who is only 5 feet 8 inches tall, made me quite the pudgy man.

In my teen years, I was fairly athletic. I played both indoor and outdoor soccer and ran on my schools track team (100m, 200m, and relay’s. Side note: one hilarious attempt was made at a regional  track meet when we had an open spot for a long-jumper. I deserved the last place finish I got on that one). In my teen years, not matter how much I seemed to eat, I never felt full and never really seemed to put on any weight. This changed when I graduated  and no longer participated in any physical activity. Combined with my love of fat, sugar and salt, lead to a potentially deadly cocktail.

My added weight helped to develop some new character traits and defensive mechanisms that I used to justify my hefty state. I decided that I would be the classic ‘fat funnyman’ and that ‘I didn’t care how I looked.’  Pictures from this period are scarce (reasons obvious) and I resigned myself to the fact that I was fat, I was always going to be fat, and that I was OK with it.

I moved to Regina in 2008 (to be closer to my future wife) and was given an opprotunity to recreate who I was which I believe ended up saving my life.  (we’ll continue this story in the next post)

If you are struggling with your weight (and I know there is a tonne of us out there), I hope these posts can encourage you that change is possible and while the methods I have used to lose weight worked for me, they may not work for you (everyone is different).

More to come in the weeks to follow. Peace. Part II can be found here.


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