My Favorite Healthy Recipes: Taco Soup

*** I HIGHLY recommend pressing play on the above video before checking out this recipe ***

Nothing warms my stomach more than a bowl of this tasty Taco Soup.  It one of my absolute favorites (I’d eat it everyday if offered) and is also SUPER healthy.  You won’t even believe that it’s good for you though.  Love.



1 large jar of Salsa (I prefer ‘Hot’)

1 can mixed beans

1 can of stewed tomatoes

1 large onion

1 red pepper

5 cloves of garlic

1 liter of chicken broth

2 large chicken breasts

2 tsp olive oil

Salt, chili powder, and cayenne pepper powder to taste.


–          Have chicken breasts defrosted prior to starting.

–          Chop onion, red pepper, and garlic into small pieces and put in a large soup pot with olive oil and some salt.

–          Allow 5 mins for onions to caramelize. (be sure to stir occasionally to make sure they don’t burn to the bottom of the pot)

–          Chop chicken into small, bite-size pieces.

–          Add chicken to soup pot and allow time to cook.

–          Once chicken is cooked, add chicken broth, salsa, tomatoes, and beans.

–          Add water until all the ingredients are submerged.

–          Bring to a boil. Add salt, chili powder, and cayenne pepper powder to taste.

–          Serve.

If you want to add some extra flavor, you can add sour cream, tortilla chips, and cheese.  Just keep in mind that everything you add adds extra calories to your dish.  This usually makes about 5-6 bowls.

This is the first recipe I’ve ever written out, so if you have suggestions for improvement, please feel free to add them in the comments below.  Enjoy!

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