Steeped Education

Learning is rarely something that occurs in an instant, but instead over time spent in contemplation, reflection, and consideration. Often times, in my University classes, information is spat out without any thought to how that information is being received or processed by myself or my peers.  To be honest, I learn very little from the majority of lectures I attend (I think I just felt my wallet cringe). Instead, I find myself learning best when I review the information presented in conjunction with writing down different thoughts I am having regarding the material.  I spent years of my post-secondary career cramming for finals and hoping whatever I had shoved into my mind would stay in there long enough to be regurgitated the next day.  This method usually didn’t end well.

Photo By: Astro Guy

I imagine this may occur in a similar way with K-12 students.  Teacher’s have a lot to get through in a given year and may not take the time that is required for some students to process various lessons and material.  I think as an educator I will need to either allow my students the time required to be steeped in the information being taught and to give opportunities for reflection. I look at the tea-bag in my mug slowly infusing the water surrounding it, I think of knowledge being a teabag slowly releasing understanding until the water is forever coloured differently.  I like the idea of  a Steeped Education, where students are slowly infused with knowledge instead of simply cramming information in, only to be thrown-up later on an examination with no real reflection of consideration of how the information they have been taught affects their lives and their communities. As the Tim Horton’s commercial expresses, steeping coaxes out the flavour.  My hope is that through steeping knowledge, I, and my students, are able to coax out understand.  Thoughts?

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